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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  April 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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fact that he went back to college the next day. that they went on with life. and that almost makes you think that they were planning something else, this they were just going to go back to their regular life. they weren't going to run. they weren't going to run away. they would perhaps try this kind of thing again. we go back here to the sniper in 2002, and how terrifying that was in washington, d.c. when that sniper was picking off people and part of that terror is, your life just kind of went on every day, you didn't know what these people were doing, you had no idea who was after you and it's -- that's really the every the anything of
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terror. if you really have no idea and nobody made any claims in monday's bombing, so, that terror really, really -- the neighborhood that you're talking about, imagine what that neighborhood has been through today. imagine what this city has been through in this week. one week ago, those terrible, terrible bombings. i was talking to a young woman earlier in the week who had a friend who was badly injured in that bombing and this morning, i'm calling her and telling her, well, wait a minute, the suspect went to a high school, apparently right near you. so, all of these events happening so fast and so heart breaking. we can only hope we get resolution tonight. >> all right, martha. and for anyone who happened to miss the moment that we got that phone call from george, who gave us, first word, of how they appeared to have found this suspect, i want to replay it, because his friend, dave hannebury, from two doors down,
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was in his house being interviewed about what happened. he told us about how his friends boat and here we are with this . here he is again. george pizzuto. >> but what happened was, after they lifted the ban, my neighborhood, david neighbor, he went outside to get some fresh air and he had his 24-foot boat on a trailer with a winter cover, a shrink wrap cover over it. he noticed something was off. so, he got a ladder and put it up against the side and he has a zip cover. he lifted up the zip cover and he -- and as he went up to the ladder, he noticed blood and then he thought he saw what looked like a body laying in the boat. so, he got out of the boat fast and called the police and that's when -- that's when everyone ascended, descended, whatever you want to say, on franklin
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street and rushed them right over to -- they're in our house being interviewed. what's been going on over there is, there were a number of shots fired and what appeared to be some explosive devices, whether they threw them in the boat or they were thrown out of the boat, i don't know, but they haven't positively identified the person, i'm pretty sure that's who it is, but they don't want to go -- they haven't gone in yet because they don't know if he is wired for explosives. >> yes, that's been a concern all ong. this is a staggeringry you're telling us. >> so, anyw, what's going on t now they're -- they just shut the power off to the house, i don't know why, but air all still here. everyone is still here. >> but to go back over it once more, sir, so, your friend, it's dave hannebury, syou say?
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>> yeah, he's the one that owns the house. and, like i say, he just happened to notice, it didn't look right and he looked inside and that's where he saw the blood and the body and that's -- they believe that that's the person now. >> and again -- >> i don't know, they don't know how, you know, there's no other information. right now they're still here. >> he went out in his yard after he was given permission to exit, so, this was very recently this evening. >> yes, we've been in all day and they said, you know, you can -- we're lifting the ban, but we suggest you don't go too far and he just went out to his yard and right in his yard, right outside his back door is his boat and like i said, i told you the rest of the story. >> what can you tell me about your friend? >> they're just waiting. >> yes. tell me about your friend dave. we're all imagining what he is like. >> well, right now he's -- he's
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pretty much in shock. he's only talking to whoever he has. commissioner davis has been in here. a lot of the s.w.a.t. team, the boston police, the watertown police, they've all been in my house here interviewing him and he's just totally distraught. and his wife, who is suffering some major medical problems, is, you know, all her -- everything -- they just rushed them out of the house and she couldn't -- they couldn't take anything with them. >> and as we said earlier, the vulnerability of that couple in that house, the boat so close, the suspect so close. and again, i'm told it was a 24-foot boat, by the way, in the back, but there it was, the vulnerability, so close to their house, to close to their lives tonight. i want to bring in robin duma, who is also an eyew, lives
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nei heard police talking in the backyard, robin? what did you hear? >> yes, as my neighbor said, when they told us we could go out, quite a few people did that, but within minutes, the police really descended on the neighborhood and we had quite a few of them in our backyard and we heard them saying that he was poking holes through the plastic, that shrink wrap, on the boat. and looked like he was trying to, you know, assess what was going on, see what was going on around him. >> so, let me understand. the police were trying to poke holes or the suspect was inside? >> the suspect. he was in the boat, poking homes to try to see out. >> this is what you heard police say? >> yes. >> which would indicate and we had not heard this before, that he might have still been alive when they came up. and we know there was that exchange of gun fire.
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anything else you saw or heard about that moment? >> no, really, it was just overhearing them. we tried to hear what the police radios are saying, but it's a little bit difficult. there was quite a bit of gun fire, which actually happened before we overheard the police officers talking. you know, the -- there was just a rush down the street of all the vehicles and just now they actually brought an ambulance down the street and an enormous black special unit truck. but initially, they all came rushing down the street and then there was quite a bit of gun fire. then there was really nothing. we heard the police officers speaking and then a little while -- well, quite awhile later, there were several explosions and then some more gun fire. and now, really, for the last little while, not much seems to be going on. the helicopters have left. but these larger, well, one ambulance and a larger big black truck just came down the street.
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>> well, again, such vivid detail that you are all giving us from phoning in and we thank you. but let me go through that again. you said there was gun fire, then something sounded explosive and then gun fire again? >> initially there was a lot of gun fire, so, we were told, go outside, quite a few people did. i would say about four minutes later, the police came rushing down the street. then there was quite a bit of gun fire right when they all arrived. then, really not much of anything for awhile. we then overheard the police officers in our backyard talking about this poking holes through the plastic. and then i would say a good 45 minutes, hour later, there was more gun fire and what sounded like three small explosions, i mean, we're about four houses away, that's what it sounded like to me. and now there's really -- i haven't heard any explosions or gun fire or anything like that for, i'd say about another 45 minutes, hour at this int.
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>> well, again, it raises the question, if there was any explosive around that police were trying to detonate. we obviously will have this clarified as time goes on. there was fear enough in your house. when all of this starts happening, how afraid were you? >> it was -- it actually started last night at about 1:45 a.m., there were -- it's a very quiet neighborhood and the helicopters came over and i thought, okay, fine, there's a helicopter, but it was obviously something much more than that. when i went to the window, i could see officers moving through the neighborhood with flashlights. it was very, very unnerving. and i really didn't fall asleep after that. we've all actually been up since that time and over the course of the day today it kind of waned. there were times when it felt
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more stressful and other times when people seemed to back off a bit. this has heightened the stress and, you know, but it is -- it is -- it's kind of just a wearing, stressful experience. the neighborhood has a lot of barns, old outbuildings, garages, sheds and such and i have to admit, even when i heard the police saying they felt confident they've done a thorough search, i had questions, just because i know the nature of the neighborhood and all these out buildings and wondered, really, if they had managed to go into the nooks and crannies. >> i think there will be a lot of people asking questions just like that tomorrow. and one of those indelible details about the humanity involved in what has been happening is, you say the neighbors had just brought home a four-day old infant? >> yes, my next door neighbors have a newborn, he came home on
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zsh i kind of lost track of time, it was either wednesday or thursday. he's just new to the world and, so, you know, i have no doubt -- we've been texting back and forth, i haven't heard from them for the last few hours, but you know, i'm just imagining it's a pretty stressful situation to have a baby and to have all of this going on, you know, just outside. >> and you have heard about the hanneburys? any thoughts about them tonight? >> no, i mean, i mean -- we all know -- i mean, i have to admit, i don't know that i know all my neighbors last names, we all know each other by first name. it's a very close knit neighborhood. there are folks who have been here, as they have, for a very long time and i've been here for about 11 years, we all know each other very well. and -- >> dave is his first name. >> yeah, yeah, i know the family and i know -- i mean, my 14-year-old said, oh, my gosh, you know, it's that boat. and, you know, and i had even said earlier today, not about
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that boat, but we live right near the charles river and there is a yacht club that has all the boats shrink wrapped and i said, thinking out loud this morning, i said, do you think they've gone through all those boats? there are 50 or 60 of them. if i was running away, i'd think to go in that direction and hide there. so, it's kind of, you know, interesting that that's where he was, not at the yacht club, but just down the street. >> well, again, we know there is the fog of information right now but you did think that you overheard police in the backyard talking about the suspect, perhaps, trying to look out of this covering that was on that boat and we will try to verify that throughout this evening. i also read a quote from you, you said, i've never felt safer in my life. every officer in the universe. >> as you might imagine, my parents, you know, friends, everyone in the world is texting and calling, even people i
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haven't heard from in years, and i did say, kiddingly, you know, how could you not feel safe, our house is absolutely surrounded by every law enforcement officer in the universe, so, i was -- it was a little tongue in cheek. i think i'll feel a lot better once we know, you know, this is over. >> robin, stay in touch with it. call back in. >> thank you very much. >> and a number of you have been asking online about something all day, the older brother, the deceased brother, had a wife or at least a girlfriend, we're not sure if they were married, but they have a 3-year-old daughter, as well. and a number of you have been asking, where is she? do they have her in custody tonight? brian ross, if you can hear me now, do you know anything about that? is there any chance that the older brother's wife is in custody now, do we know anything?
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sounds as if brian is debriefing somebody on scene there, i'll go to pierre thomas with the same question? he is doing the same thing. you are getting an eyewitness on reporting at work, the abc news force. this is what we do, seeking out every single piece of information. so, we're doing it with you, you are part of our news room, in a sense here online. and we have someone else on the telephone? irene santoro. irene, hello, it's diane. tell me what you saw. >> hello, diane. yes, well, we've been here on franklin street, well, all day, and we've been hearing everything all night, as well. with hall continuers and lights, et set that here. but presently, we have about, oh, maybe about 70 police vehicles lining of washburn street. that's perpendicular to franklin street, which is right in front
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of our house. and it's something that, it's a little ironic, because as soon as the governor lifted the ban that we could leave our home is when all of a sudden, it seems hell broke loose. i guess there's a few loud words here, loud voices and then i started to see police rush down with guns, with rifles, toward the curve of franklin street. so, a few policemen and then came became in droves, everybody was coming. the vehicles were parking along any which way on the sidewalk. like something that you'd see on television or a movie. my heart started to palpitate here and i'm still palpitating. and shortly after that, then the s.w.a.t. team came. there are about ten individuals that came all in their dark uniforms here with rifles, et cetera. walking, running down to the corner of franklin, as well. >> all right.
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irene, i'm going to stop you for a minute because we have a flash. we have some breaking news right now, want everybody to sit up and pay attention. we have pierre thomas. pierre, what did you learn? >> reporter: we have three federal law enforcement sources telling us that the suspect is in custody. condition unknown. condition unknown, diane, but our guidance is that the suspect is in custody. >> in custody. and again, it seemed inconceivable after all these reports of that gun fire and the way he was surrounded, pierre? >> reporter: again, we are unclear on what exactly his condition is, diane. i'm trying to get some clarity on that, but the guidance we have, a suspect is in custody and we should be getting further information from the boston and local authorities very soon. >> and again, we had heard that the hanneburys, saw the boat, saw blood in it, which indicated he might have been injured, maybe in serious condition in that boat, but brian ross, are you hearing the same thing?
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>> reporter: i am, diane. i just talked to with the state representative from this area. he confirmed that that was the suspect number two in the boat. that he, in fact, fired off a number of rounds at police. they did not return fire. and that they sent in robots to look at him and a special machine that could tip the boat and tip it over. so, he has confirmed to abc news that it is suspect number two in the boat and that he was bleeding and they planned to just let him bleed out or wait until he was in they when they couldn't respond because they weren't sure if he had a suicide vest on. that's from state representative john long. >> again, he says to you that the suspect fired at them? >> reporter: that's right. the suspect fired at them. they were under instructions not to return fire. he fired off at them and that the explosions that were heard might have been stun grenades. >> ah, we did hear that report of some explosion.w, tell me ab
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boat again and the purpose of that? >> reporter: they have several robots they sent down, some to take a look inside the boat, but there was another machine, according to representative long, that could actually tip the boat, tip him out of the boat. >> i want to bring in dick clark, becausehiis stunning news, dick. they apparently were standing there, he was firing on them and they some how could tip the boat to try to disable at least his ability to succeed in firing at them? >> well, if they have a robot that's large enough and certainly, they exist, and they have arms that go up to manipulate bombs, they could have used arms to rip the shrink wrap and then to pull along one side of the boat, have him fall out. and that may be what happened. >> again, we heard this report from an eyewitness and it was so early and we were all trying to be extremely careful, that the
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police had been overheard saying that they had seen him sneaking a look out from under that cover on the boat. this seems to give new validity to that, brian. >> reporter: well, indeed, and representative long says, you know, it's over. there's not a question now. when he came to speak with me, he said it's just a question of making sure that he is incapacitated so that if he has a suicide vest, he could not detonate it and harm any of the officers. >> and, again -- >> reporter: he also told me, diane, he mentioned that the governor is already here at the command center and we should see him shortly. >> all right, pierre? >> reporter: diane, i can now talk about an earlier conversation that i could not disclose. at one point, a law enforcement official here in washington was listening to the police scanner traffic and there was a moment when the suspect was not moving and then apparently sat up in
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the boat. and that was, you know, a critical moment when it became clear to law enforcement that the suspect was, in fact, alive. and so it's remarkable, after all of this, that is suspect was alive at this point. again, we do not know his condition at present. >> this is beyond any drama that can be written, pierre. and, again, when we hear that he is in custody, what does that mean? >> reporter: that means that law enforcement officials have taken him. he is in police custody, diane. >> it could mean hospital, it could mean -- >> reporter: well, we know that they sent emergency personnel, medical personnel to the scene, which would be typical in a situation like this, not only for the suspect, but also for potential injuries to police, as well. >> all right, i want to go back to brian ross, because, brian, on the scene, do they now believe, and i know you do not know his condition yet, could be
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a spectrum of things, but has anybody suggested to you that they believe they may be able to get some information from him about how many involved, what else might have been planned? >> reporter: certainly if he's taken alive, then that sets him up for a trial on charges, most likely, of premeditated murder under federal law, as i understand it, that would be the plan, to try him under federal terrorism charges, not state murder charges. but that does open the possibility that he would be able to be questioned and reveal whether it was just he and his brother or if there was a larger organization he was part of. that would be very, very important to stop him, but it's also important to know whether he represented something that was deeper and more troubling. >> i want to tell everybody about a tweet from mayor tom menino of boston. he tweeted out, "we got him." "we got him."
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and brian, when you say that they are bringing him in under federal terrorism charges, what is the distinction you're making there? >> reporter: as i understand it, the plan was to charge him with federal terrorism charges as opposed to state murder charges. now, one distinction is that in massachusetts, there is no death penalty. under federal terrorism charges, there could be. but that was my understanding that this was a case, being handled by the fbi, by the federal gott, and the jurisdiction would be with the u.s. attorney here in massachusetts. >> i want to bring back in evan goodman, who has been such a great reporter, citizen reporter for us tonight. evan, you are right there, close to the scene and you heard a cheer go up? >> hi, diane, yes. so, basically, a couple of us were outside and all of a sudden we heard a pretty sizable cheer down the road, so
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close, and we walked out to the front and we intercepted a police officer and, you know, we asked if he was alive or not and they said, he's in custody, he's alive and, you know, we're going to prosecute him and bring time the justice. >> so, no indication that he was in such grave condition they had a doubt if he'd survive? >> well, i believe so -- i'm looking outside right now and i saw a couple of ambulances go by, i'm assuming they're for the suspect. i don't know who else was injured, you know, if anybody else was injured. but you know, i do believe he was bleeding out pretty badly. you know, judging from his wounds earlier on today and probably from the fire fight that went on. but i do believe he is alive d and, you know, we are going to get some answers, which is probably the most comforting feeling, you know, through all this. >> and for all of those who are injured and in the hospital and, of course, for the families of
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those who died and who have been so seriously injured, i know, at this point, answers are something that matters, vitally to them. and, again, we -- you are right that he must have been bleeding enough, that dave, who went back to look at his boat, saw it pretty quickly. >> yeah, absolutely, diane. and let me just give you guys a quick, what's going on in front of me, basic lick. y residents are on the street right now, i'm less than a block away. there are flifr police officers walking up, people are congratulating them, giving them pats on the back and, you know, asking questions, so, it's more of a less tense scenario right now and people are outside and walking around, so, it seems like it's a little bit more lenient, you know, as it was earlier in the day. >> yes end and, again, we were told earlier that the gun fire seems to been coming from inside
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the boat out at police, that police apparently had moved in, they had some device, a robotic device that could be tipping the boat. they were concerned about a suicide vest and, dick clark, how would they have been able to determine, ultimately, if he had one on or not if they couldn't approach the boat? >> well, i think they probably did approach the boat with the robot. and the robot probably had a camera in it and they were probably able to tell that way that there was no -- there was no suicide belt. >> i want to play the sound. apparently now we have audio of the police scanner and you can hear, "we got him. listen." >> suspect's in custody, but nobody inside the perimeter. put that out on channel one. >> suspect in custody. and online, ok, not just among police, not just among the people of boston, but all across this country, people are saying, he's in custody, we need answers, and someone said,
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"victory, we are strong." let's go back to linsey davis, on the scene there in watertown tonight. linsey? >> reporter: diane, if you guys can see that ambulance going down the street, we believe that the suspect was inside that ambulance. you can hear people cheering. people applauding. these same residents, many of them -- you can see people hugging right here. very jubilant on the scene. many of these same people were standing on the corner when the police went in and they were cheering then and yelling. moments ago, we heard them say, "we got him" and they were cheering again. one little boy said to his dad, "it is over?" and he said, "yeah, son, it's over." and they hugged. people are very excited. certainly, as you can imagine, very relieved. >> and more from the mayor of boston. "i have never loved this city and its people more than i do today. nothing can defeat the heart of this city, nothing." and his earlier tweet, "we got him." cannot help but echo in the mind
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of everybody when someone said that about saddam hussein and obama, as wel0 bam osama, as well. police say they have him in custody. i want to see if you have anything from the sources that have been calling you all night. >> reporter: diane, we can confirm that the suspect is alive. he's in that ambulance. one of our officials got a text from the scene saying suspect is alive in the ambulance. >> all right, let's go to jon karl at the white house. jon, what are you hearing there and what are they saying about what happens next, immediately in the next hours? >> reporter: well, diane, depending on the condition of the suspect, the next thing you can expect to happen will be the activation of the president's high value interrogation group. this is a group made up of the cia, the dia and the fbi. this was set up by president
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obama in 2009 after they did away with the cia's interrogation program and it is designed for exactly this situation. to go in and to interrogate suspected terrorists immediately after their apprehension. i have been told prior to this that this group was on stand-by and ready to go. that's the next thing we're looking for. trying to get intelligence and information out of this individual because the big question here, diane, that the entire intelligence community has been focused on is whether or not these brothers were acting alone or whether or not they were part of a larger group and there could be other plotters out there. >> again, martha raddatz, we know his older brother had gone back to russia. we have a kind of dark age in there for a few moments when he was back in russia. we have no idea where he went. >> reporter: we have no idea. he was there six months. so, that's a period they're really going to look at and if they can interrogate this suspect, they will do that, the younger brother. they will ask him whatever they
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